IKEA Bedroom Furniture

Founded in 1943 IKEA has become synonymous with good quality affordable flat pack furniture.

At Flat Pack London we have assembled IKEA flat pack furniture for over 15 years. That means we have a great understanding and knowledge of all the IKEA ranges covering all the rooms in your home.

Whether you have bought new furniture or are moving house we take the stress out of assembling furniture, ensuring its assembled correctly and will last for a long time. Call us on 07971949424 or Contact Us

Flat Pack London are going to detail in this article the IKEA bedroom furniture that we have found to be the best quality and design.

PAX Fitted Wardrobes

A design classic one of IKEA’S best products. A very easy build for experienced fitters, practical and a great product if installed correctly. Its modular design means it’s incredibly versatile. Any combination of complement interior features can be used to build wardrobe to your own specification. If you purchase the PAX with sliding doors it will require more attention than the hinged version.

View the range here IKEA PAX Fitted Wardrobe

Hemnes, with 3 hinged doors

One of IKEA’s traditional styled furniture ranges which are very popular with our customers. The range includes chest of drawers, bed frames, bedside tables, dressing tables, wardrobes and even mirrors (YES, Flat Pack London can help you with that as well!). The flat pack furniture comes in a number of different colours, and this range also has furniture for the living room and hallway.

Although the wardrobe only scores a 2.3 satisfaction rating on the IKEA website this will be because the majority of issues are due to people not assembling the product correctly. In our opinion it is well designed and an easy build for an experienced furniture.

View the range here IKEA Hemnes

Trysil, with drawers and doors.

The Trysil is one of IKEA’s newer flat pack furniture ranges, it has a practical and straightforward design. It includes; wardrobes, bed frames, bedside tables and chest of drawers.

IKEA Customers have noted that the doors on the Trysil wardrobe come off the runners, this is because the furniture hasn’t been assembled correctly. Bringing in an experienced furniture assembly company such as Flat Pack London will ensure everything is done correctly and you will get many years of use from the furniture.

View the range here IKEA Trysil

Visthus, with drawers and doors.

Another of IKEA’s newer designs, this range only includes wardrobes and chest of draws. Its modern look is very popular with customers we visit. It’s design is very practical and robust earning it a rating of 4.6 on the IKEA website. The majority of reviewers commented on how sturdy the furniture is which we agree with.

View the range here IKEA VISTHUS